Ulster Horse Ploughing Championships

Mullahead & District Ploughing Society is hosting the 15th Ulster Horse Ploughing Championships, 28th February 2015. Mullahead set this competition up back in 1999 to celebrate the coming of a new centuray and also to revive the tradition of Horse Ploughing at competition level in Northern Ireland.

Over 35 pairs of horses attend each year and this year will be no different. The society is aiming to have 50 pairs of horses ploughing so there would be 100 to celebrate 100 years of Mullahead. If you are interested in ploughing at Mullahead please click here to request an entry form.

Competitors travel from all across Northern Ireland, Ireland and right across the mainland UK, as far as Cornwall to Fife. It really is a sight to be seen on the day when all the horses are ploughing together just like they did many years ago before the combustion engine was introduced to the agricultural industry.

Mullahead has the following classes of Horse and Donkey ploughing.

  • General Purpose
  • Swing Class
  • Round Board
  • High Cut
  • Donkey Class

The Ulster Horse Ploughing Championships is proudly sponsored by the Bank of IrelandBank-of-Ireland1

Please have a look at some of the photos and video of the horses in action.



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