Guinness World Record Holders

‘Mullahead on top of the World’

To celebrate the 100th Annual Mullahead & District Ploughing Match, the Society aimed to set a new Guinness World Record for the “Most Draught Horses Ploughing Simultaneously”. The record attempt has successfully verified by Guinness World Records all horse ploughing competitors sharing in the title of World Record Holders. As this year marked the Centenary of the popular event the Society was delighted to have 84 horses ploughing simultaneously setting a new world record in the process.

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World record attempt for the 'Most Draught Horses Ploughing Simultaneously'

World record attempt for the ‘Most Draught Horses Ploughing Simultaneously

Kenny Gracey, Chairman of Mullahead & District Ploughing Society commented that this feat could have only been achieved at Mullahead, “The Match is the largest one day event of its kind in the UK receiving huge support from competitors from all over the British Isles. To have that number of horses ploughing simultaneously in one place was a unique achievement and spectacle. Mullahead & District Ploughing Society can now boast the largest horse ploughing match in the world!’

The world record was a year in the making requiring a mammoth effort from all those involved. It all started off when Guinness World Records accepted Mullahead & District Ploughing Society’s application to set a world record. Strict guidelines were stipulated requiring evidence to be compiled about the competitors, their horses and ploughs with all horses having to plough simultaneously for a minimum of one minute at a depth of 6”.  Three independent time keepers, two witnesses, two stewards and a vet had to sign off each competitor’s participation along with photographic and video evidence. The society was honoured to have the Right Honourable Peter Robinson MLA First Minister Northern Ireland and David Simpson MP for Upper Bann as independent witnesses.

The society was also delighted to have the support of Bank of Ireland as main sponsor for the World Record Attempt & the Ulster Horse Ploughing Championships which is an integral part of Mullahead Ploughing Match.


William Thompson, Head of Agri Bank of Ireland UK commented, “Bank of Ireland UK were delighted to be the proud sponsor of the Ulster Horse Ploughing Championships and would like to congratulate everyone involved at Mullahead & District Ploughing Society on their phenomenal achievement in setting a New Guinness World Record. It was an incredible experience to witness 84 horses ploughing simultaneously and one that I along with my colleagues in Bank of Ireland Portadown where privileged to be part of.”

Cliff Kells, Commercial Manager of Tesco Northern Ireland said “A new world record achieved at the 100th Mullahead ploughing match in County Armagh last February saw the incredible sight of almost 50 sets of draught horses setting off together to reach the Guinness World Record. What a tremendous achievement by the participants and the Society, and I am very proud that Tesco NI continues to be a key supporter of this annual ploughing match which is a highlight of the local agricultural calendar”